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    15 2020-09

    Common faults of transformers and fault analysis

    1 Common faults of transformers During power transmission and operation, common faults and abnormal phenomena are as follows:    (1) When the transformer is powered off after outage or trial transmission, it is often found that the voltage is abnormal, such as two phases and one phase higher. Low or the indication is zero; some newly commissioned transformers have high three-phase voltages, causing some electrical equipment to be burned due to excessive voltage;    (2) high-voltage fuse is blown and cannot be powered on;    (3) transformer cannot be delivered after a thunderstorm Power on;    (4) The transformer sounds abnormal, such as "squeaking" or "cracking"; during operation, it makes a "squeaky" or "crack" sound;    (5) high...
    15 2020-09

    Analysis on High Voltage Test Technology of Power Transformer

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country's economic and technological level and the rapid development of social development, my country's power input and power demand have also continued to increase. As the most commonly used electrical equipment in the power system, power transformers are one of the main equipment in substations and power plants, and are essential for power generation, power supply and electricity consumption. High voltage test on power transformer is an important means to ensure the safe operation of transformers. Taking the working principle of power transformers as the starting point, research and explore the test conditions, test methods and test contents of high-voltage test technology for power transformers, analyze its feasibility, and how to be safe and effective...
    15 2020-09

    Transformer core and rare earth

    According to sources, electronic transformer cores mainly use soft magnetic materials, while rare earths have relatively few applications in soft magnetics. However, rare earths are very important for the innovation and development of transformer cores. For example, the iron core material of the so-called rare earth transformer is made of silicon steel sheet containing rare earth material. This kind of magnetic core has better magnetic permeability and lower magnetic loss. The main components of ferrite also include iron oxide and rare earth element oxides. Ferrite magnetic materials can be divided into spinel type (MFe2O4); garnet type (R3Fe5O12); magnetoplumbite type (MFe12O19); perovskite type (MFeO3)...
    15 2020-09

    Introduction to transformer protection

    Transformers generally use protection methods. The abnormal working conditions of transformers mainly include overload, overcurrent caused by external short-circuit, neutral overvoltage caused by external grounding short-circuit, oil level reduction caused by oil tank leakage, or temperature caused by cooling system failure Elevate etc. In addition, large-capacity transformers, due to their high rated working magnetic flux density, are proportional to the voltage-frequency ratio. When operating under overvoltage or low frequency, it may cause overexcitation faults of the transformer. In view of the above situation, large transformers generally adopt the following protection methods: 1. Gas protection: protect the internal short circuit of the transformer and reduce the oil level...
    15 2020-09

    The basic principle of transformer differential protection

    1. The working principle of transformer differential protection is the same as that of line longitudinal differential protection, both of which compare the phase and value of the current on each side of the protected equipment. Dividing line 2. The difference between transformer differential protection and line differential protection: Because the rated currents on the high-voltage side and low-voltage side of the transformer are not equal, plus the phases of the current on each side of the transformer are often different. Therefore, in order to ensure the correct operation of the longitudinal differential protection, the transformation ratio of the current transformer on each side and the compensation of the current phase on each side must be appropriately selected so that the secondary currents on both sides are equal during normal operation and external short-circuit faults. For example, the double-winding transformer 7.png3, transformation...




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