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    Anti-theft measures for base station transformers

    In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication networks, the amount of base station construction has been much higher than before, and remote independent base stations have repeatedly become the site of choice for criminals to commit theft.

    We further clarified the anti-theft ideas through the analysis of stolen base stations. From the analysis of the geographical location of the stolen sites, all the stolen sites are remote and independent base stations, which are usually unattended; from the analysis of the time of the theft, most of the cases occurred in the early morning of the night; from the analysis of the stolen components, all were transformer copper cores It was taken away without any anti-theft measures. From the above analysis, the professional maintenance staff of our company prescribe the right medicine and adopt the following scheme:

         In response to the constant occurrence of transformer theft incidents, the company's power professional technicians opened up new ideas, learned from the power department and communicated with other brother units, and decided to install a transformer anti-theft lock device to ensure that the base station transformer was not stolen.

    In the early days, ordinary screws were used to lock the upper cover of the copper core, or direct welding was used to prevent the transformer from being stolen. It is easy to be stolen in this way, and it is not conducive to maintenance if it is directly welded.

    The anti-theft lock device adopts the anti-theft principle of the national patent anti-theft device: put the main cover bolt of the transformer in the shell of the anti-theft device, and then use a special tool to fasten the movable piece of the screw body, and add a special anti-theft lock core. To achieve the purpose of anti-theft.

    Installing an anti-theft lock has the following advantages:

    1. Good anti-theft effect: the product has anti-saw, anti-smash, anti-rust and other functions after processing. The device is simple in structure, easy to install, and has a strong anti-theft function. The product has been installed and used on tens of thousands of transformers by the power supply department, without any theft incident, and has sufficient anti-theft function.

    2. Economical and affordable: The price of each lock is around RMB 60 or 70. A transformer needs to be equipped with four anti-theft locks, and the total cost is no more than RMB 300. In contrast, if the internal copper core of a transformer is removed, it will be scrapped, resulting in a direct economic loss of 30,000 to 40,000, and it will cause the base station to power outage and cause the base station to decommission. Thereby affecting people's normal communication.

    3. Discuss the pertinence, effectiveness and feasibility of base station anti-theft measures.

    At present, Quanzhou Mobile has more than 1,000 stations with independent transformers, except for the telecommunications co-station and some early welded dead and unable to install, all have installed anti-theft lock devices. After several years of observation, although thieves occasionally frequent the base station for theft, the transformer has remained intact.

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