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    Comparison of toroidal transformer, square transformer and switching power supply

    There are several types of transformers. The types of small transformers include toroidal transformers, square transformers and switching power supplies. I believe that many customers are troubled by how to choose these types of transformers. Shengyuan Transformer has in-depth research in the field of toroidal transformers and waterproof transformers. Today, guided by professional technical engineers, the editor will describe them one by one for everyone.

    Toroidal transformer

    Toroidal transformer

    A. Efficiency

    The working efficiency of 50W toroidal transformer is 86%-90%, while the working efficiency of 50W square transformer is 80-84%.

    The working efficiency of 400W toroidal transformer is 90-93%, while the working efficiency of 400W switching power supply is 78-85%.


    B. Temperature rise

    The 50W toroidal transformer has a low temperature rise, and the 50W square transformer has a higher temperature.

    The temperature rise of 400W toroidal transformer is low, and the temperature of 400W switching power supply rises.


    C. Cost

    The cost of toroidal transformers above 100W is low, and the cost of square transformers above 100W is high.

    The cost of toroidal transformers above 500W is low, and the cost of switching power supplies above 500W is high.


    D. Interference

    The magnetic leakage of toroidal transformer is very small, and the magnetic leakage of square transformer is obvious, and there is low frequency interference.

    The toroidal transformer itself is basically interference-free, and the switching power supply itself is a source of high-frequency interference with high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.


    E. Life

    Toroidal transformers and square transformers have no obvious life attenuation materials, and transformers 30 years ago are still in use.

    Switching power supplies have obvious life-deteriorating materials, which were rarely used 10 years ago. The life of electrolytic capacitors is the life of the power supply, generally about 2 years.


    F. Low temperature characteristics

    Toroidal transformers and square transformers still start normally at minus 30 degrees, which is very suitable for outdoor use in northern winter.

    Switching power supply is difficult to start at minus 30 degrees, and it is necessary to pay attention to outdoor use in northern winter.


    G. Flexible design

    The volume and voltage of the toroidal transformer can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements, and the customization does not require molds, and the development and design cycle is short.

    The customized volume of the switching power supply requires a mold, and the mold cost is high and the time is long. The customized multi-winding voltage requires high R&D and design costs and a long cycle.


    H. Overload characteristics

    Toroidal transformers and square transformers allow short-term overload and overload, and can provide excess power or excess large current (1-3 times the rated current). Such as:

    1. The low-voltage motor has a large starting current. Generally, the starting current is 2-3 times the normal working current. After starting, the normal working current is not large. At this time, a toroidal transformer is used.

    2. The sealing heating wire of packaging machinery requires instantaneous high current to heat the heating wire and does not need to work for a long time. Generally, toroidal transformers are used.

    3. Power amplifier, when the music momentary bass sinks, it needs to provide excess current. Generally, toroidal transformers are used. The performance of toroidal transformers has a great influence on the bass characteristics of the power amplifier, which is obviously higher than that of switching power supplies.

    4. The electric welding machine is based on the transformer allowing instant short-circuit, and provides large current energy to complete the electric welding at the moment of short-circuit.

    The switching power supply is not allowed to be overloaded and cannot provide excessive starting current.


    I. Can be used as high-power waterproof power supply

    Switching power supplies and EI square transformers are not suitable for high-power waterproof power supplies because of their low efficiency and large heat generation.

    1. The maximum waterproof power of the switching power supply is generally about 200W, and the maximum power of the EI square transformer is generally about 100W.

    2. It is easy to achieve 1000W waterproof toroidal transformer, and the maximum can achieve 2000W. Due to heat dissipation, it is generally not built

    It is recommended that customers use a waterproof power supply exceeding 2000W.


    J. Volume weight

    1. The toroidal transformer is bulky and heavier than the switching power supply of the same specification. This causes inconvenience to use, installation and transportation, increases transportation costs, and increases the difficulty of outdoor installation.

    2. The toroidal transformer cannot be regulated like a switching power supply. When the input voltage fluctuates, the output voltage will fluctuate accordingly; when the customer needs to output a stable voltage, a toroidal transformer needs to be added to the circuit, a switching power supply No need.

    3. In extreme cases, the switching power supply can achieve a smaller volume than the toroidal transformer.

    4. The switching power supply can be made into a wide voltage operation, such as 85-265V can work, the toroidal transformer generally works at ±10% of the rated voltage; the switching power supply can do 110V, 220v universal input, and the output is 24V. The toroidal transformer is used for 110V and 220V universal input, and the input lead needs to be switched manually

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